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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 25, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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left leg. >> the detective fought back. he managed to return fire, striking 16-year-old craig tippet in the leg. police identified the other robber as 16-year-old kevon wilson. both are charged as adults. the >> 16 years old. with illegal guns. these are consequences that they have to face. it is extremely frustrating. to many times our system has released young people back into the communities, compromising the safety and welfare of many citizens in this community. >> this tells us in a very personal way that we still have a lot of work to do. >> detective jerez is listed in serious condition and has undergone two surgeries.
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he is also a deacon at a local church. >> we have breaking news on interstate 95. >> a traffic advisory for you, southbound interstate 95, a tractor-trailer involved in a crash with three other vehicles. police are on the scene. they have won a tow truck here. traffic is backed up all the way to the thruway. >> baltimore city police are also investigating a deadly stabbing tonight in east baltimore. a woman was found suffering from multiple stab wounds just after 5:00 this morning. she was pronounced dead. no word on the suspect or a
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possible motive. investigators say a man who died in a fire killed himself. flames took out a home in west baltimore. while searching the house, fire crews found a body. tonight, our investigators tell us it was a case of suicide. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon 's lawyers called the state's case against her flawed and insisted a judge should dismiss it. in a filing, her lawyers say the state improperly relies on her ax as a public official, which they say are protected by legislative immunity. a hearing is set for next week. >> the case of a baltimore city student hospitalized with a confirmed case of the swine flu
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is not the school district's first, according to a top health official. tim tooten has that story. there are other cases of h1n1? >> health officials say the case of the 13-year-old student remains in the's -- in the hospital is by far the more serious but is not the first h1n1 case among schoolchildren this year. the lobby of the polytechnic hospital was converted into a health clinic for those who needed flu shots. all eyes were on the middle school, where the health department confirmed that a 13- year-old girl came down with the h1n1 virus. she has been in close contact with the girl's family. >> we are following with them.
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it is in the communities. a vast majority of kids who are sick for a few days get better and go back to school. >> she says new cases among school aged children are more common than you might imagine. >> this is not the first case within the school city system -- within the school system. children get influenza. all of the cases we are seeing are the h1n1 flu virus. >> baltimore parents hearing about this case seem eager to get their children to the clinic. >> i feel like i need to get my daughter down here to get her shots. >> we are concerned for everyone. they affect everyone. it can happen to anyone. >> they are prepared to immunize residents as soon as a vaccine is on hand. we have been told by officials
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that montebello middle school will be open to students and staff come first thing monday morning. to find out more about flu shots, log on to our website. >> the first doses of the h1n1 swine flu vaccine will be sent out in the next two weeks. the cdc expects many doses to be distributed in october but the first of vaccines could be a little bumpy. >> in the nation's laboratory this week, the final push to get the flu vaccine ready to be distributed. >> we have some vaccines coming in in early october. the bulk of the early vaccine will be in mid to late october. >> while there will be plenty for everyone, for some, the
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process is still confusing. >> it is going to be bumpy. >> pregnant women will not be able to use the very first the doses delivered because it will be a nasal spray that contains a live virus. they will have to wait for the shot. it is recommended that the nasal spray go to the children. >> and i know of very few kids that have contracted it thus far. >> a new poll at the university of michigan shows less than half of parents planned to have their child vaccinated against h1n1. doctors say that could be a mistake. >> among them, the occasional very severely ill child will be admitted to an intensive care unit. >> while parents decide if their kids will get them, states will
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be deciding how best to distribute it to those who want it. the federal government will give out doses of based on the state's population. >> a lot of people are concerned about the cost. since the government paid for the vaccine, it is free. the government is asking health providers to waive fees for administering the vaccine. we have compiled a list of resources about this one flew on a website. >>-- about the swine flu on our website. >> welcome to loyal the university of maryland. >> everyone was welcomed to loyola university today. market researchers found that
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prospective students considered attending a university more prestigious than attending a college. >> it did rain today but it was this morning. but it turned out to be a fairly nice day. the rainfall total was around a quarter inch or a little bit less than that. even though the sun broke through, there were some showers off to our south west. the clouds are beginning to come back then. we will talk about that coming up with the forecast in just a few minutes. >> it was one week ago today when a huge water main broke, flooding dozens of homes, the big reminder of the aging
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infrastructure in baltimore. how is the cleanup progressing? lowell melser has the latest. >> where we are standing right now, we probably would not have been able to last week at this time because water would have been up to my chest. work crews continue to work on the 72-inch water main. we are taking a look ahead and look back. it looked like a hurricane ripped through this neighborhood near the shopping center at last friday when in fact it was a 72- inch water main constructed back in the 1970's that had burst. >> it was the most coordinated response to a tragedy. >> 11 news caught up with executive jim smith one week after the water main break.
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some of the highlights include at 4:15 p.m., the first 911 call came in. by 6:30 and the evening, the water main had been shot off. an emergency shelter was open and crews palms out and sanitize the basements. on saturday, most of those basements had been pumped out. >> it has been a nightmare. because i pump water out of mind after they left. they left with about 8 inches because they could not get any more. >> residents still feel like it was yesterday, most still having problems with insurance. >> i have yet to get any money from my insurance company. we are just helping each other and trying to do the best with what we have. >> baltimore county officials
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say 270 residences were flooded. 75 lost power and gas. 163 had no damage at all. county executive says county support will continue until everybody's life is back to normal. >> nobody has left the scene. public works dumpsters and personnel are in the neighborhoods getting rid of things as the people satisfied their insurance claim requirements. >> because the county has been inundated with questions concerning insurance and cleanup methods, the county has decided to open a one-day recovery service center to answer questions from the public open tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. we have provided more information on our website.
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>> glad to see things are starting to get back to normal. a warning tonight for young men. more and more are experiencing the joint problems usually seen in older men. >> relief may be coming sooner for credit card holders who face rising fees and rate hikes. >> at the g-20 summit in pittsburgh where the big news today was not about the economy. it was the revelation that iran has had a secret nuclear weapons program disclosed today by president obama. >> coming up, while a little boy's fight against brain cancer has turned him into a super hero.
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>> 20 minutes, all it took for each and every ticket to an upcoming concert to simply
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vanish. most tickets are bought on computer. tmany spent the night in line to buy them. tickets range from $31 to $200. some of those tickets are selling on line for more than $1,000. >> i guess i will have to listen to a cd. new research says spanking your children may lower your child's iq. a study tested the iq's of about 1500 young children and then retested than four years later. more frequent spanking was associated with lower iq spanking is a stressor for children and can cause an
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increase in posttraumatic stress-like symptoms. off read this is a growing health concern for young men. -- arthritis is a growing health concern for young men. >> walking up the stairs was a painful experience for this man, a health problem he never expected to encounter in his late 30's. >> i started feeling a sharp pain in my head. >> it was a form of an early arthritis. it is basically too much friction in the hip joint. >> i was having too much walking. i stopped walking my dog. >> this is a relatively new diagnosis. we are now recognizing arthritis
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years before it happens. >> this doctor is an orthopedic surgeon who has seen men as young as their early 20s come in with symptoms. >> they have pain particularly with flexing their hips, going upstairs, squatting down and playing with their kids. they will notice that they will get pain in their growing or the outside of their heads. >>-- outside of their hips. >> i was concerned that as he was beginning walking, my walking career was going to end. >> he knew he needed to take action. surgery was the best option. he says the recovery was tough but well worth it. >> i have an lot of future plans, and a lot of those plans involved walking so i could not
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let it go on any longer. >> now he is able to focus on his son's walking, not his own. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with john collins. >> a fairly nice day to day as far as conditions were concerned as soon as we got rid of the rain. here is what they're reigned look like at 5:00 in the morning, most of maryland under some light to moderate rain shower activity, but it disappeared by it 9:00 or 10:00. the sun broke through. by 5:00 this evening, we are in good shape. the clouds are coming back into the picture right now. this cold front to the south of us is going to come back and a storm out west is going to move and as well. we are going to be affected by two different weather features
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in the next couple of hours. here is what is going on right now. 71 degrees in annapolis. 73 on the boardwalk at ocean city. 73 downtown at the inner harbor. westminster at 70 degrees. western maryland, only 59 degrees, a higher elevation. elkins at 64 degrees. the clouds have been thicker out there especially to the west. here is the satellite picture, those clouds drifting in again. moisture is beginning to come from the west and some of it contains some rain. here is the high pressure that briefly pushed the front to the south but it is not strong enough to hold things off. the storm center of to the west. this is what is pushing in.
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this front will turn into a warm front come back north and will have the low come through. have some more wet weather to look forward to but not tonight. we will drop into the low 50's. rain developing tomorrow in the afternoon or evening. the morning looks oklahoma right now. by that time we go into the overnight hours, there could be some heavy rain. quite a bit cooler because of the clouds and the southeast wind at 72 12 miles per hour. the clouds increasing and by saturday afternoon at 2:00, the rain is on our doorstep. by evening and overnight, we could get some pretty good rains. we should be done with the rain by the football game. after noon weather start to improve during the day on sunday. only in the 60's tomorrow, the
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rain and cranking up. a few more showers on monday as well. >> up next, osama bin laden, what he is urging nations to do. >> president obama is at the g- 20 summit in pittsburgh. his response to news that iran has built a secret nuclear facility. >> a student is flown to shock trauma after a fight. crest whitestrips has created a strip so revolutionary... you can use it while you do just about anything. it molds better... it grips better... and seals better. you can even drink water with it on. crest whitestrips advanced seal.
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get amazing tv picture quality and unlimited nationwide calling for just $79.99 a month, with an incredible $150 back. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this is fios. this is big. >> osama bin laden it is urging european nations to withdraw their troops from afghanistan. he says europe should pull out of afghanistan, warning its shares blame in that nato air strikes that killed civilians. the new tapes surfaced today on the internet. the audio's authenticity cannot be confirmed. >> iran has been operating a secret nuclear facility, that revelation along with the iranian president has rocked the g-20 summit in pittsburgh.
5:26 pm
president obama demands iran and what he says is not a peaceful program. >> in a dramatic public warning, president obama spoke for many nations, outraged of iran's nuclear deception. >> iran has a right to peaceful nuclear power that meets the energy needs of its people, but the size and configuration of this facility is inconsistent with a peaceful program. >> it is reportedly an underground plant where uranium gas would be purified. u.s. officials say they learned that the iranian president secret in 2007 and by the time of his speech on wednesday, he knew his plan had been discovered and informed the u.n..
5:27 pm
>>he denies violating any treat. >> he simply asks the issues to which the u.s. government owes an apology over. >> team obama pushed back hard. >> it is an incredibly important disclosure. >> briefed yesterday, the agency demanded access to the iranian plant. they better get it, says barack obama. >> they must comply and make clear they are willing to meet their responsibilities as a member of the united nations. >> russian president is signaling that this time his nation would go along,
5:28 pm
strengthening president obama's position. president obama has promised to talk to iran and a meeting has been scheduled in geneva. the u.s. and allies are certain to lay down the law in what is shaping up to be a nuclear confrontation. >> still have a, several airlines want to attract business from pet owners. >> federal officials are urging parents to make their home safer for children. the suggestion to help prevent tipping over injuries. >> authorities released new details and what they say it is a 9/11 bombing plot in new york. >> a little boy in harford county battles brain cancer and becomes a super hero in the process. he has his own comic book and
5:29 pm
his own suit designed for him. the
5:30 pm
>> saturday is super hero's de, and there is a special reason for that. two dozen characters will line the streets supporting a boy battling brain cancer jennifer franciotti has more. >> outside this pizza shop is the denominator, a symbol of courage and determination, and alter ego of a boy in a comic
5:31 pm
book. the harford county 6-year-old has been battling brain cancer for two years. >> he is an amazing young man whose heart and courage to put this out there to help other kids. >> the manager had a comic book made along with a special super suit. >> of the comic book stands for hope that you go through these treatments and hoping it is going to work. >> dominic believes he is a super hero, and why not? during christmas, that man came to his house. on saturday, domenic turns 7.
5:32 pm
23 super heroes will line the street for a super hero day, along with characters from sponge bob. >> the best thing is if it rains, the super heroes go inside. >> all of these kids' faces light up. >> now in the hospital, dominicks story holds a message for everyone. he wrote these words after his first surgery. >> first you have to believe in something first before it happens. dominick truly believes he is a super hero. >> he certainly is. >> our best goes out to dominick. tomorrow morning at 10:00, there will be a car wash to benefit st. jude's children's hospital. for more information about the comic book, log onto our web site.
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>> here is a look at some of our other top stories. two teenagers are under arrest for the shooting of a police officer. kevon wilsonand craig tippet are now charged as adults with attempted murder and robbery. investigators say they don't believe the teenager's knew the detective was an officer when they chose to rob him last night. detective aaron harris is hospitalized in serious condition. baltimore county police have identified the officer killed in a single vehicle crash. sky team 11 flew over the scene just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. 32-year-old jason simons lost control of his pickup truck the vehicle hit a guardrail, flipped over, trapping the officer inside. he was a seven-year veteran of the force. baltimore county police have charged three men in the robbery
5:34 pm
and murder of a wheelchair bound man. a maintenance man found 25-year- old marin lendosky george dead last week. three men have been charged with murder. >> in a courtroom, federal prosecutors accused a terror suspect of planning a bombing in new york. he is facing more charges that could put him behind bars for life. >> at a hearing in denver, federal prosecutors claim the it terror suspect may have been planning a 9/11 anniversary attack in new york. the 24-year-old afghan was transported to new york to face federal charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.
5:35 pm
prosecutors say they have a strong case against a man who admitted to attending an al- qaeda training camp. >> this is someone who looks like he really did get training at a real terrorist training camp, which is a distinguishing factor. >> in illinois, one man was accused of trying to set off a bomb at the federal courthouse. he did not know the bomb was fake. his handler wasn't of her concert -- and undercover agent. in north carolina, two men were indicted this week to kill military personnel in virginia. federal authorities say this plot was far more sophisticated and dangerous than any this country has seen in years. now they will have to prove in
5:36 pm
court. still unanswered, who might have been working with him, whether this attack was ordered by al- qaeda, and whether there are other plots waiting to be found. >> still to come tonight, seven of the nation's largest airlines tapping into a growing market, travelers that want to travel with their pets. >> what baltimore city is doing to protect more children from the h1n1 virus. >> the head of the u.s. census bureau is speaking out tonight after a worker was found
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5:40 pm
we contacted them and met with interviewers who worked in the area. some are kind of shaken. we have suspended activity in that county and notified our client agencies that we have done so until we figure out what is happening. >> authorities have not determined whether the death was a homicide, a suicide, or an accident. >> bizarre story from south florida, police say a high school student ordered her boyfriend killed when he refused to date her. she is charged with second- degree murder and aggravated battery. she ordered her brother to kill her boyfriend because after an argument he would not go out with her againhunter was beating
5:41 pm
a friend with a gun when it discharged and killed him. a new book based on more than 30 hours of a newly released taped interviews provide air rare glimpse into the life of michael jackson. author and former adviser says the tapes revealed new details about his life in his own voice. fans have started lining up to purchase tickets for the first showings of jackson's movie, this is ait. >> congress wants to protect consumers from credit-card companies sooner rather than later. >> a new law that limits interest rate hikes. >> we will talk about what is on tap tonight for your high school football coverage.
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>> here is a look at what we are working on for 6:00. a fight is caught on camera and then posted on youtube. find out why it all involved are facing charges. a city police officer is gunned down after an attempted robbery at his northwest baltimore home. lottery minute. congratulations to two dundalk co-workers who won the record-breaking $4.8 million dollar multi-match jackpot this past saturday. the winning ticket was purchased at pop's tavern in sparrows point. speaking of winning ticketsstarting monday, our pick 3 double pay for box play begins. if you receive a doubler
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pete gilbert is live with tonight's extra points report. >> it is nice to get to play here to take advantage of this fabulous field. we are talking to the head coach at towson. >> it has been a great start. this is my first year as head coach. kids have responded well. i have brought in a lot of discipline. we are going to go it one game at a time. we have a great group of seniors and we are off toa 3-0 start. >> the junior varsity just got a victory. >> it starts with the junior varsity program. to get this program to turn around, we have to do it on the junior varsity level as well as the varsity level.
5:46 pm
>> talk about your rival tonight. >> they have a very good athletic background. defensively, they have some good guys in the middle. we are going to try to get our running game going. defensively, we have to stop their crisscross game that they like to run. high-school football, playing in college, this is what it is all about. i love the game and i love the sport. i can go all the way back to mind pee wee high-school days. the things i learned and having great coaches, it is my way of giving back to those who are coming up. >> coming up a little later, we are going to talk about what other games and a look at the
5:47 pm
ravens. th>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> let's take a look at the combined satellite radar to give you an idea of what is going on. we had some heavier clouds and rain earlier today. it got pushed to the south so we kind of cleared out for a while. if you watch the satellite imagery, the clouds are beginning to drift in from the west. there is some rain and fall with that out to the west. there is another storm coming our way. saturday and sunday it will both be involved with some rain but the weekend will not be a total washout. things are nice and green right
5:48 pm
now. let's take a look at current conditions. annapolis at 71 degrees. college park at 72. gaithersburg, 73 degrees. thhere are the cloud pictures. the really dry air never really got in here. this storm system out to the west is pushing and so this high pressure even though it pushed the front to the south, it has not been quite strong enough to stick their and really get the dry air in. part of it is way out here in the plains states. that will be pushing in, bringing in a lot more moisture. partly cloudy tonight, no rain tonight. cool temperatures, 51 to 55
5:49 pm
degrees. northeast winds at 327 m.p.h.. maybe a couple of hours right after the sun rises, a little bit of sunshine, but it will be a cloudy day. the heaviest rains will be late, probably after sunset. southeast winds at 7 to 12 m.p.h.. tomorrow, a small craft advisory. insta-weather futurecast shows these clouds moving and. the rained out west starts to edge in. by sunday afternoon, we have targeted noontime. we start to clear just in time for football. the early part of monday looks fine. 60's tomorrow. later in the day, the rain chances increase.
5:50 pm
taper off sunday morning. sunday afternoon looks good. evening showers on monday and maybe a sprinkle on tuesday. next week looks pretty good. >> this week, lawmakers want to speed up the new set of rules designed to protect consumers and help customers manage their debt. new initiatives to create a more user-friendly credit card. >> the number of complaints that have come in are astonishing. >> this representative is looking to speed up enforcement of a new law that limits credit- card companies' abilities to change rates. some lawmakers want to move the date to december because they say some money companies are raising their rates right now.
5:51 pm
>> the abuse of by some in the industry that led the congress to pass this legislation has only increased since the bill was signed. >> as the battle intensifies, there is a noticeable shift in the industry. >the blue print card from chase allows consumers pay off interest free even with big ticket items. >> it is designed to help consumers pay their balances off and avoid interest payments. >> others have a similar program, saying helping customers with their spending. >they hope it will convince customers to keep their card in their wallet. >> it will be viewed as card holders as less evil.
5:52 pm
>> clients along with congress are charging forward, demanding a change. >> some credit card companies have pushed back, worried they do not have the system in place to handle all of those requirements. we have all heard horror stories about air travel. several airliners have partnered to standardize pet carrier standards. the airlines in the agreement are american, midwest, continental, and others. children can be seriously injured or killed when appliances tip over. it happens more often than you might think.
5:53 pm
the consumer-products safety commission is urging parents to make their homes safer for younger children. parents should check around their homes or strap down heavy objects to prevent tipping over. straps and brackets can easily be purchased and installed. >> up next, three students face charges after a fight at a high school. this incident was caught on videotape. details are coming up. >> many companies are changing the way they are billing you. why they are trying to do
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> lots of americans held there -- pay their bills online but what happens if you do not have a choice? many companies are giving up traditional paper billing. >> you know about the choice of paper vs. plastic, bought what about paper vs. email? phone, utility, and other looking to cut costs would rather e-mail bills to customers. some see the change over as a chance to help the environment. a banking group says 20% of customers switched to e-bills, 2
5:57 pm
million trees would be saved each year. >> we get responses from customers saying thank you for helping to save the environment. >> what should you do? record-keeping for monthly bills is important. if your firm gives you a discount, switch. but it is a good idea to print out your bills each month and keep them in a safe place. >> that is all for us at 5:00. if you would like to see this newscast again, we will have an encore broadcast at 7:00. here is a look at what is coming up. >> a fight in a high-school 1 cents student to shock trauma. >> baltimore health officials want to reduce the risk of children getting the swine flu.
5:58 pm
that story is coming up. >> a city police detective is shot, two teenagers are held responsible. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> a fight between students at a local high school caught on camera, posted on youtube. police have charged the boys involved. three teenagers are facing serious charges after a fight at a harford county high school and it was all caught on tape. >> melissa carlson has the very latest. >> harford county sheriff's department said it was just after noon on tuesday when they were called to the high school for a call about a fight. >> and officer responded to a fight in progress. when he arrived, he witnessed
5:59 pm
two students throwing punches at one another. nearly the entire event was caught on camera and posted on youtube. the students involved were 10th graders. it's cool officer and a staff tried to break up the fight but it is what you don't see that they did the unconscious student in the hospital. >> the second student was rendered unconscious, regained consciousness, and was escorted to the office, but fell on conscious a second time. >> police say they fight happened earlier a week ago on school grounds. the teenager's condition is unknown but sources tell us he has been in a coma. he will be charged with secon


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